Healing is in His Hands

Miracles to happen. A misconception about our Father is He gives sickness and diseases to people to teach us a lesson. This message is blasphemy and is totally wrong. He wants us to be well and have the life to the fullest. When Jesus came to Earth, he went on His way and freed people from diseases and sickness. The healing is in hands. Learn about the instances in the bible where Jesus healed people in hopeless situations.

The Blind Man Since Birth

There was a blind man since birth. He probably asking why he was born that way, why he had to endure all the suffering, and what he did wrong to deserve that. He was destined to live his life in darkness without seeing the world until Jesus came along. He bowed to get mud and smeared it onto his eyes. He then instructed the blind man to wash it off in Siloam. He didn’t know Jesus, yet he abided. He got his miracle. In a hopeless situation, and endless walking without a destination on a canal bus Amsterdam roundtrip Amsterdam canal tour using the i amsterdam card vs museumkaart promo, a miracle is waiting for you. Claim it and abide in Jesus.

A Woman with Enormous Faith

This woman was bleeding for 12 years. You should understand that blood at the time was sacred. If you are suffering a disease such as this woman, you are not allowed to get out. She can be stoned to death because of her actions. But her determination to meet Jesus and to touch His cloak healed her. It was her faith which healed her. You might be broke in cheap hotels in Amsterdam near the airport, sick, flat on your back, don’t lose faith. Don’t let the hopelessness kill your faith.

Cross Love Hope Fog Hands Forest Clouds Faith

Healing a Number of People

Jesus came to the Earth to bring the message of God. Wherever He went, he healed people. He spread hope and light. So, when you are alone in one of the cheap hotels in Amsterdam, read the word of God. People were healed not because there was superficial magic, but they were healed because of the word of God. Upon hearing the message of hope, it brought them certainty that God loves them.