About Us, who are we, what do we offer

We are followers of Jesus Christ. The church was founded in 1998. Waalsekerk Church started as a small community church with few members. But the Lord provided us with all the things we need. From twelve members, we grew to 400 plus members and still continue growing in numbers. Our Father brought us divine relationships which made the lives of all our members better. Our support groups and ministries continue to bring light to the lives of many people in the area. There have been great stories about how God turned things around and brought miracles into hopeless situations.

Need Counseling? Visit Us

For people who don’t know the love of God, life is like an empty space. If you are in a situation where you think that everything is falling apart, seek help. One thing is for sure, that no matter what you do in Amsterdam sights to see to relieve your troubled mind, God is waiting for your call. Don’t wait for things to get worst before you threw the white flag. We were taught that surrender is always a bad thing. But we believe that surrendering your fears, doubts, problems, and shame to God is the best decision you can make. You don’t have to face everything on your own. God is always available. If you are having trouble praying, you may visit us and be counseled by our pastors. We won’t insist that you join a religion. We just want to share how much God loves you.